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June 7, 2017
Malware Uses Router

Malware Uses Router LEDs to Steal Data From Secure Networks
By Catalin Cimpanu
[Source: BleepingComputer.com]
Online Security

Online Security

Specially-designed malware installed on a router or a switch can take control over the device’s LEDs and use them to transmit data in a binary format to a nearby attacker, who can capture it using simple video recording equipment.

This attack scenario is the creation of a talented team of researchers from the Cyber Security Research Center at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, who previously researched other types of data exfiltration scenarios relying on hard drive LEDs, coil whine, headphones, and others.

Attackers need to install malware on routers, switches
The entire operation is centered around a piece of malware the researchers created and named xLED.

This malware will intercept specific data passing through the router, break it down into its binary format, and use a router LED to signal the data to a nearby attacker, with the LED turned on standing for a binary one and the LED turned off representing a binary zero.
An attacker with a clear line of sight to the equipment can record the blinking operation. This “attacker” can be continue reading here...
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