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March 26, 2017
One-Page Website

One-Page Website


Our Process
Once you assign us the task of creating your website

How much work is involved in setting up a website?
Researching Competitors
First, we research your competitors and what they have to offer. Your website is not just some page in the world-wide-web; we market you. We work on making you stand out.

Developing Marketing Strategies
Thinking of a TV commercial, the catch-phrase or catch-song should not only capture the attention of your prospective customer, but also keep the interest in your business and, most essentially, not only make the customer remember you but also trust you.

Developers get offers from a vast variety of business sectors. They can vary from a coffee house to a mechanic, to an ice cream shop, to an artist's or blogger's site. We need to understand your business, in order to be able to promote your establishment or intentions better. It is part of the marketing strategy.
Designing Esthetics + Designing User Experience
Aside from the branding and color choices, which are the esthetics of a website, the third part of research involves user experience, which is more technical. Programming scripts, that is the hardcore unseen programming, does not only impact the esthetics of your website but also its functionality. If there is anything that is going to move, like a slider, or if we are designing an unusual aspect to your website, such as placing things in diagonal perspective, or what images to use or what colors go together, or if your audience has some form of impairment, all this has to be assembled through design. We do not just throw the images and text in there; we must use a system of consistency throughout.
Keeping Growth in Mind
Wizbooth sets up your website ready for expansion. When your business is ready to invest more in its website (virtual storefront), the structure of that site will be ready to grow on.

All websites have a system. There is the visual design, functionality and user experience.

We put much consideration and elbow grease into the visual appearance, so your storefront does not look like the rest of the website but is memorable.

Then there are the technical pages like robot texts and others that communicate with bots, giving instructions about the website, what to do or what not to do. Let's say, if a visitor is looking for something on your website that does not exist, or there is some technical glitch, we prepare Error pages informing the visitor, 'No Problem! We are taking care of things.' These are individually designed for the website itself carrying consistency throughout the design.

Some communicate with search engines like Google, informing it how to display your site, and how to promote your business. What titles, descriptions or announcements to use.

Aside from a number of security measures against hacks, we add codes for the prevention of 'Hotlinking'. Some malicious websites can use any image on your website and can steal your bandwidth.

Last but not least, we set up your website email which can take about two days. Not only are we setting up the technically functioning elements, designing its esthetics bit-by-bit, we also prepare your automated replies including its 'Thank You' messages.
To sum it all up:
1- we research your competitors (local and far)

2- we gather your design framework and esthetics

3- we calculate user experience (quick page loads, finding what a user is looking for, and smooth functioning of elements like online email)

4- we prepare an outline of small homework for you

5- we text edit what you submit to us

6- we carefully choose and follow copyright guidelines for your images, fonts and design. We either use some of your submitted images, design them ourselves, purchase professional photos, or we give credit to really nice people who develop beautiful images and give them out freely to be recognized for their work

7- we calculate carefully each individual design element's size and location by keeping consistency throughout

8- we research, develop and apply programming scripts according to your website elements

9- we re-arrange all elements on the website by re-adjusting them one-by-one for different-sized screens from mobiles and laptops to larger desktop screens, which needs meticulous testing for each text box or image location

10- we develop and integrate codes, so your website can be found on browsers like Google

11- for each social media button on your website, we set up links to your social media sites

12- we keep in mind throughout that you may decide to expand in the future, so we set you up on a firm ground with clean programming codes

Considering all of the above, we believe that when you order a website from us, you are getting an experienced and reliable team for your online representation.
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