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March 25, 2017
One-Page Website

One-Page Website

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Why One-Page Website?
It is budget conscious, professionally elegant and convenient to find the sought out information.

The first page of any website takes the longest to complete. The one-page website is literally one page. It is a long one page scrolled down with menus, the scroll bar or touch-swiped down. The advantage is once the website loads, there is no flipping into other pages required. All is in one place. Imagine how convenient it is for hand-held devices.
When is it recommended to use a One-Page Website?
Convenience, Design, Price
If your business needs to be found on the internet and it does not require a complicated setup, a One-Page Website can provide all the bells and whistle to impress and it will be easy to maneuver in. It could also serve as a landing page and ready to expand for a larger website.

When is it not recommended on its own?
Putting a large quantity of sellable items is not recommended as it would take too much time to load.

So as for an e-commerce website with many items or a blog with many sub-blogs itemized with many images would take a long time to load. Which would mean losing the site visitor. For the reason of user-friendliness, it is advisable to organize items by categories, such as price, color, type, subject and so on.
Each category would mean creating a separate page for it. Any list or category has its own page. All it would take is to select a sub-menu or a pull-down menu of which items to show/see first. But nevertheless, this requires a separate page. This is how a website starts growing and a One-Page website would not be enough.
Marketing Role
As to marketing practices, the first page of all websites is like the punch-line of a TV commercial. A web development company involves multi-disciplines. The task is to be thinking in terms of marketing, developing user experience, designing the esthetics of your branding/logo, applying programming techniques, and most importantly, preparing your site to target the prospective audience. Your business not only shows up in search engines, but also gives out trust in your business or for whatever reason you have a website for.

We offer the One-Page for the convenience of faster setup, budgetwise not ready to invest in larger work or who do not need to invest in a larger work for the moment. It can be a 'Start-Up' for a new website owner wanting to reach out to their existing customer base or new clients who expect to find a website for their convenience when looking for products, services, exhibit or contact details.
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