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April 26, 2017
Social Media Rollerball Game

Source: Tom Richmond, Mad Magazine

Social Media Rollerball Game

Social Media 'Rollerball' Game:
Monitoring Your 'Friends'
Some entrepreneurs may take online marketing strategies a notch too serious, to a point of elbowing everyone along their path to get to the top of the herd.

Social Media is part of nouveau online marketing. However, every relationship that would include our relationship with our peers or other entrepreneurs we share the marketplace with, share a common goal. That is becoming a recognized brand and wanting to see the cash flowing in our business.

There is a trend lately on Twitter and some other social media sites where some individuals use the back door strategy of sending out a 'friend' or 'follow' invite and as soon as the invitee returns the favor, they are being slashed by this nouveau marketing enthusiast in being deleted or taken off their list. This person has a huge number of followers but a tiny amount of individuals they follow. And you think to yourself, 'WHO is this person?'. I am not talking about establishments or individuals already established with a prominent name and a large number of followers. I am referring to the unknown individual, who would be more than willing in RL (real life) to trample on anyone along their path to get their name in neon.

A business or individual applying such strategies cannot be trusted, can they? If a start-up business applies unethical practices, what would they do if they grew?

So why keep these individuals on your list? Do an occasional random check of 'friends/ following' list, identify who feels entitled to play the over-aggressive driver and take them off your list. They don't deserve to be leaders in the marketplace. As for the latest Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, where every business wants to show up in the first page and on the very top in Google Search, we might be observing more and more of these types.
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