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November 25, 2015
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The Trick to Looking Good in Media:
Before & After
This is a photo by one of our clients we added to Google Maps showing their storefront. The one revised as 'After'.
If you are planning on advertising your business online, one thing you need to be careful of is to reflect your professionalism.

Your target audience does not know you. There are a number of honest and good businesses selling quality products or providing quality services but some fall short on conveying that.

First of all, do not look like you are money pinching!

A poorly designed website that looks rather amateurish or photos that show less than desirable parts of your business can cause more harm than good. When we look at our surroundings through our eyes, we see the world in 3D vision, but when we take a photograph of something, the view changes. On a photograph our vision flattens to 2D. You may have encountered after taking a photo, that the image you saw in your mind wasn't exactly what you had imagined after it turned flat on the photo.

As a web designer and developer, we are put through challenges by one of the largest search engines in the world, named Google. If you want your business to be indexed in the first search pages of Google, make sure to follow Google's rules. One of its rules is the application of Social Media. Another application is the Google Maps. I won't go into detail here, my intention is to show an example on how you can improve the presentation of your business. Either if you do it yourself or you request the help of someone, make sure to look professional.
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