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April 1, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S4

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6
Samsung Galaxy SIM card
Samsung Galaxy SIM Adapter
Can I upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S4 to Samsung Galaxy S6?
Yes, you can. However, there is one big-gish milestone to walk through.

Samsung Galaxy S6 NANO sim card
On the Samsung Galaxy S6, you will read the specification of the SIM card to be a nano sim. Also the sales person points that out to you.

Oh, geeee... What does that mean?
OK, well, the phone is spectacular! Comparing all the newer features and what it can do, such from a brilliant screen resolution to lovely sounds of music or a higher grade camera, not to mention the larger storage space. By the way, the storage space also cannot be expanded. It is what it is.

Anyway, keeping all the better returns in mind, as the manufacturer wants you to see their point of why purchasing this product, there is an important obstacle that makes you think twice why you should not get this phone. But the sales person tells you, and it is true for as the newer phones will come without battery replacement option as the iphone has aimed there too. Sure they don't want you to sell just the battery, but provide you with technology.
Laying out all the pros and cons
I laid out all the pros and cons to the table and had to make a decision. Paying much more for a replaceable battery phone or shall I just get what was offered for $0 (zero dollar) upfront and a 2-year plan.
I signed up for the wonderful S6 and zero dollar upfront version that comes with no battery replacement option, meaning, once the battery goes, the phone goes.
The SIM Adapter
Here we are discussing the SIM card. It is the smaller version sim compared to the one inside the S4. So the answer is, you cannot exchange like butter. Some establishments use a tool to clip your sim into the right size, so your sim integrates into a new size. That is when the answer becomes 'Yes' to upgrading your phone. I also saw some videos on "How to un-jam my sim card on S6", just fyi. If you are swapping phones, then you would need a micro sim adapter (it is like a jacket for the nano sim to turn it into a micro sim).

For now, I just gave the S6 to my husband who was willing to use my older phone initially, but hey... my S4 is still nice, I love it like my old shoe and I have to continue using it for another while.
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