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Mugé Muge Dogan


has 20+ years experience in database management and computer technology for the most part having worked in University of Toronto and affiliated Toronto hospitals. Handled mega data involving 60,000+ individual's records, lead multi-site research projects, developed methodology and research tools.

For the past 9 years, she has been following her dream as an independent web developer.

Wizbooth Creative Media Technologies not only serves its North American market, it also has expanded with German and Turkish clientele, creating multi-lingual websites and Content Management Systems.



is a programmer guru! He is an expert in Unix operating systems and possesses other technical wisdom in the world of nano technology.

Troy has a huge mountain of patience and a great sense of humour. No task is ever unresolvable to him.

Wizbooth Creative is tremendously lucky to have him on its team.



Here comes our German wing. Emre is a computer science engineer from the Goethe Institute in Germany.
Although he is a young team member, he has a solid infrastructure and the advantages for having studied in one of Germany's most prestigious institutions.

He resides in Frankfurt. He works part-time for a German bank aside from following up on Wizbooth's German clientele.

He is a reliable and detail-oriented fellow. One must truly love the world of IT, as it requires self-discipline. We live far apart from each other, yet we are one great tandem.

Wizbooth Creative Media Technologies is a privately owned web development company located in Toronto.
Our clients are situated in Canada, USA, Germany, and Turkey.

Wizbooth Spirit

We work with a group of web developers.

Wizbooth is proud to have these talented individuals under its umbrella.

Please contact us for any size of project.

Wizbooth Website

Currently, our website is under active development. We are working on a dynamic store front which will be unique compared to our peers in web development.

• You will be able to choose the elements of your website or project according to your budget.

• You will also be able to add more elements in time as your business grows.

• Most importantly, you will be able to determine your cost according to the size of your project without having to contact us for an evaluation.

• We like to apologize for any areas of our website that are under active development. We decided to prioritize our customer needs first, as we are a growing community. We are doing our best to also care for our prospective Wizbooth clients and are actively updating our website on a daily basis.
Contact us for a free consultation

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You will NOT need an extra website for mobiles


we can build APPs for you!

Content Management Systems

We specialize in CMS (Content Management Systems), which involves the background workings of a business, from databases to their operations, such as administering your products, its stocks, departments, employee management, accounts or anything related to managing your business. You will have a bird's-eye view of your operation.

Equipped with latest technology

We build Responsive Websites.
We create custom websites using the latest technology, formatting your website so that it fits from a large TV screen to a handheld device such as a Smartphone, Tablet, or Notebook.
This means, visitors to your site will not need to adjust the scrollbar to move around. Your website will fit your screen like an App.

Process of your website development

Being noticed in the World Wide Web is our aim for your business. Your website design will stand out from the rest.

Please visit the Our Project Development Process page to read on how we process your project, be it website design, web development or any other web-related requests.

Being found on Search Engines like Google

We equip your site to show on Google Search and other search engines. In a short period of time, search engines will pick up on your business whereabouts. Our team follows the latest rules and regulations of search engines as well as technological trends.
To keep your site timely and advanced, you should select one of our maintenance packages.

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